Eastern Ontario Warden's Caucus







I am honoured to represent the Eastern Ontario Wardens' Caucus (EOWC) this year as Chair and to have the opportunity to continue supporting the property taxpayers across rural Eastern Ontario - as the EOWC has done since its inception.  The EOWC covers an area of 750,000 square kilometres from Cobourg to the Quebec border, and includes 13 upper-tier and single-tier municipalities as well as 90 local municipalities.  All these member municipalities work together as a team, researching important issues, advocating for our 750,000 residents, and striving to ensure that conditions are in place to make Eastern Ontario the greatest place in the world to reside and do business.  We endeavour to speak with one voice, ensuring that our views are heard and considered by federal and provincial policy makers, business leaders, the media and the public.

Our priorities for 2017 are focused on improving infrastructure and connectivity, growing the regional economy, and reducing municipalities' operational costs.  Among other strategies, the EOWC endeavours to do this by:

  • advocating for the improvement of cellular networks in order to ensure mobile broadband services and increased public safety across rural Eastern Ontario's many communities;
  • working with the Province of Ontario to advocate for the $3.7 billion in new provincial investments for municipal infrastructure;
  • lobbying for the expansion of natural gas to rural businesses, farms and communities as per its partnership with the Ontario Federation of Agriculature (OFA);
  • pushing for additional distribution capacity for hydroelectricity and a solution to increasing hydro costs;
  • continuing to implement the region's economic development strategy, through the Eastern Ontario Leadership Council; and
  • advocating for a solution to policing costs and a modernization of the current policing system and other legislative issues.

I hope you find our website informative and I invite you to take an interest in the affairs of our great region.

Mayor Robert Quaiff, Chair 2017